Allergy Testing

Do you want a lifetime of avoidance or a couple of weeks of treatment

When hearing the word allergy many people will think of eczema or hayfever. But did you know that conditions like chronic constipation or diarrhea, IBS, digestive problems, migraines, contact dermatitis, psoriasis and even conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, insomnia and palpatations or generally feeling unwell may well be caused by allergies/intolerances. This list is by no means complete; many chronic health conditions can be often traced back to delayed intolerance reactions to foods and other substances. Heavy metal poisoning can also play a role. But don’t despair all these items can be tested for!

Some 70% of symptoms can be wholly or partially traced back to allergens. Allergies and intolerances pose a stress on the functioning of the body which can then express as allergic symptoms or a chronic health condition may develop. A person can become sensitive to any substance at any time in their life and its important to note symptoms will very commonly not be associated with an allergic reaction, because they are masked.

What you can expect

The testing session is preceded by an in-depth consultation where the therapist reviews the patient’s allergic symptoms. Test kits containing the most common foods and environmental substances are used for the test. We also recommend you to bring your own test samples if desired. Identifying allergens is the first step. A kinesiology device is used to detect allergies and intolerances with immediate test results, therefore, needles or blood pricking is not involved. The specialist isopathic approach to desensitisation for allergies, developed and refined over the years at the British Institute for Allergy has proven to be one of the most effective treatments available.

  1. The full session is 1hr 30mins. In each session the function of vital organs is tested and any nutritional deficiencies can also be identified with the kinesiology method to see which supplements are required.
  2. The starting point is to strengthen organ function and deal with candida overgrowth (if present) so as to make the subsequent programme most effective.
  3. A desensitisation method that has been successfully used for over 35 years is offered. This method allows the body to deal with an allergen. It also protects against accidental exposure (important in cases of life threatening allergies). Homeopathic and isopathic remedies are used as well as herbal tinctures and supplements where appropriate. This therapy is free from side effects. No long term diets are involved, although in the short term a diet may be necessary.
  4. At least one retest of 40mins is done after 4 to 8 weeks. This simple and non-invasive method is also suitable for babies and the elderly.

Comparing Allergy tests

Specialist practical help in identifying allergens is not readily available from the NHS. If you’re lucky enough for your GP to refer you for a hospital allergy test the waiting can be as long as 2 years. Skin scratch tests are only 40% accurate. Blood tests are expensive and most hospitals will only test up to 5 substances because of the expense involved. And although there are 4 types of allergic reactions only 1 type (IgE) is tested. Mainstream testing methods are known to produce false positives and false negatives, in other words results that are not fully accurate. Also with common testing methods intolerances can lead to chronic health conditions may be missed.

Combination with Hijama Therapy

Hijama can make allergy therapy more effective. Hijama therapy is ideal to enhance optimum detox and desensitisation. It purifies the blood, strengthens organ function and immunity apart from many other benefits. Please visit our booking page to find combined Allergy and Hijama treatment options

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