Hijama Therapy Testimonials

I had my first ever hijama session today. I was so anxious about it but Alhamdulilah the sisters made me feel so comfortable and were so professional. It was not as painful as i thought it would be, only felt like a scratch. Felt great afterwards. May Allah swt bless the sisters for the great work they do!


Masha'Allah it's a blessing to have such a service on our doorstep alhamduliLlah. The service is clean, professional and excellent value for money. I love the fact that the sister recites du'as as she carries out the procedure. I felt really refreshed after having hijama and will definitely be returning insha'Allah, for my own health and to revive this forgotten Sunnah. Jazak Allah khair.

Emaan, Birmingham

I have had hijama done on a few occasions. The first time I had it done I immediately felt more energetic. This increase in energy lasted for a few months. My health generally seemed much better and I found I was no longer lethargic. I have also had hijama for aching legs and found it stopped the aching for a few months. I would recommend hijama to anyone who has poor health and those in good health as it is an excellent remedy for many conditions. It is reviving a sunnah as well.

Um Yahya

Excellent treatment, I felt valued and respected throughout my visit and would recommend others to receive treatment. I found it very affective for my issues of multiple jinn possession and sihr. Sisters are easy to talk to and warm, loving and kind. They follow correct sunnah and advise from what they know Alhumdulilah. I have had many treatments and now I feel a lot better. If I miss one hijama session I feel so much worse; this in affect highlights the accuracy of treatment provided which in itself is applausable. Alhumdulilah. Dates and juice are provided afterwards and privacy is respected throughout. I make dua Allah places more and more baraqah into the service and provide for you a mansion in Jannah for all of your help and hard work towards the ummah. Amin.

Sister from Birmingham

Very professional mother and daughter, would definitely recommend HijamaPlus as they make you feel at ease. I've been twice so far and will be coming back to them regularly.


I would like to let you know that I first heard about hijama from a friend to whom I complained about the persistent pain and numbness I suffered in my right hand and arm. This pain was so bad that I frequently had sleepless nights; in fact I would have to get up, take painkillers and walk about until the pain eased off. I read up on hijama and decided to try it. At my first appointment I was very nervous as I'm scared of needles/injections, but to my amazement there was NO pain, no discomfort at all. Best of all, I had good nights sleep as virtually all pain had disappeared. I've had my 2nd treatment and looking forward to the next session so that insha Allah I'm cured of this pain. ElhamduliLlah I feel so much better after my sessions, I want other family members to try it too, esp. those who suffer from pain from arthritis in the knees. JazakAllah Khair for giving your time in carrying out this Sunnah.


I have been a insomniac for many years and decided to go fir hijama after reading a pamphlet at greenlane masjid. On arriving the enviroment was modern, clean and hygienic. It was my first Hijama and the therapist took time to explain the procedure to ensure I knew what was going to happen.She was approachable and I felt comfortable in discussing my medical issues. She also recommended some herbal medicine which made a difference to my condition.The equipment was clean and I was very happy with it. That night for the first time in many months I slept like a baby, Alhamdolillah! I have recomended hijama to everyone in my family and will be going for my next hijama very soon insha Allah!

Umm Aisha

I had had enough of going back and forth from doctors. I wanted something done that would not have side effects. I read a hadith Narrated by Abu Hurairah (radi Allahu anhu) that the Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: "There is no disease that Allah has sent down except that He also has sent down its treatment." [The Book of Medicine: Sahih Bukhari] I pondered over this Hadith and thought what would the Prophet (saw) do if he was here .I prayed to Allah to guide me to what was good for me, and my families health, and Subhanallah! with a little patience and faith a sisters circle i had attended had an Hijama consultant telling us all about Hijama, its benefits, and most importantly for me was that it was a sunnah. I booked an appointment a little while after. After treatment I was told that I may feel cold and may need to rest. Normally with an underactive thyroid I would feel utterly drained by 4-5pm. I went home thinking I'm going to totally crash out, but to my suprise I did not feel tired or lethargic, in fact I was buzzing with energy. I did not sleep untill after midnightIi felt totally cleansed of clogging toxins. I was able to do more in the day than I was able to do in a long time, Alhamdullilah! It has been 5 months since I had my last treatment. I must mention the added bonus to having Hijama is that I have been sent most valuable links and websites to all sorts of fascinating eye opening facts about health, religion and much more. This has contributed to help me to become more aware, making decisions and changes to my lifestyle for the better. Jzk HIijamaPLus, may ALLAH BLESS YOU, and the service you are providing Ameen.

Sister Q

AlhamdoliLlah my headaches which were so frequent and extremely painful have significantly reduced by 90% ! 3 months after the cupping was done I noticed the red patches on my face and some bruises from post surgery which I had 8 years ago on my legs FADE! I used to use a concealer to cover the redness on my face, now I do not. My lower back does not ache as it did before.

Sister A

Quantum Touch Energy Healing Treatments and Course Testimonials

I had a sharp pain in my knee cap and the back of my knee was swollen. I anticipated this would get worse so I contacted the therapist. The whole session was conducted over the phone. After an hour session almost all the pain had gone. Thank you!


I went through many traumatic events in my life. I had one emotional healing session which already resolved a few of them. I was amazed at how quickly this works. Also I was happy I didn’t have to explain any of my problems to the therapist as I prefer to keep them private. I’d like to have further sessions.


Alhamdulillah this is a very natural and harmonious method. It encourages healing and positive mental stability. Both the patient and the practitioner benefit. It complements Islamic methods of making dua and having good thoughts for your fellow brother/sister in Islam and humanity. I would highly recommend Quantum touch to everyone. It will change the way you think, breathe and feel.


Mashallah, a very beneficial way of healing one self and others in a very natural and effective way. Using a simple technique to harness energy to heal just about anything. I found it helped me in so many ways to reward and satisfaction the satisfaction in helping others is immense. This is definitely something I would recommend to others. It's not to be missed!


I think the course was an excellent introduction to Quantum touch healing. It has equipped me with a valuable skill that I intend to use regularly, as I feel there are no limits to its potential. I would definitely recommend the course to others. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity and being such a wonderful instructor.

Shabana Bibi

I have previously done energy healing but not used it as I was not sure about the use of the symbols and a few other aspects. This course is a great halal way to approach healing. The science is explained well and makes sense. The sister is a calm and patient teacher. Thank you !

Ayesha from Redditch

It was a brilliant experience Mashallah, a real eye opener. Enhanced my original knowledge and mentally helped me to develop emotional strategies. I feel a lot calmer and positive as a person. Just what I needed! I will take all the skills taught at the level of excellence to help others who are either physically or mentally in need of healing. Just as the prophet SAW stated that the dunya (life of this world) is there for our benefit so take from it (as long as it doesn’t go against Sharia) this course really coincides with this. Faridah was a brilliant host; don’t think it could have been rehearsed better, Jazakallah Khair. Nafeesa From Walsall Very positive experience, I wanted to do this course as I have a keen interest in complementary therapies. Alhamdulillah, I found that it is a very unique and effective way to heal ourselves and others. Inshallah I will feel useful in situations where others need relieve from suffering/pain etc. Also hopefully I will be able to benefit myself through self healing as learnt during the course. The teaching of the course itself was of a very high calibre, a very friendly and positive atmosphere.

Tehseen from Birmingham

I decided to participate in this course because I am interested in holistic therapies. I also have a condition for which I am due to have surgery in December. Firstly, Inshallah I would like to avoid the surgery. I met Faridah who advised me to attend her workshop so that I could learn the skill of QT for myself and then start working on myself. I also found the idea of distant emotional healing very appealing. I have a relative who suffers with depression and I want to use this skill Inshallah to help him. The course was thoroughly enjoyable and good value for money. I certainly feel a lot more relaxed and energised following learning the techniques on the course. My work environment has a lot of negative people in the office. After day one of the workshop, I went back to work and noticed that the vibration in the office was a lot more balanced. This may have been due to the fact that the frequency of my personal energy was high and erased the negative energy around me in the office. A very worthwhile skill to learn. S.B from Sparkhill

S.B from Sparkhill

I decided to do this course because it sounded too good to be true, being able to heal any kind of pain without taking medication us amazing. I came back from the course and practised on my two colleagues one who’s had acute lower back pain for years and my other colleague came into work with a trapped nerve in her shoulder. I tried power healing on both colleagues and within 40 minutes both colleagues pain was healed. My mother had arthritic pain in both of her knees and the pain was gone within 30 minutes of doing the treatment.


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The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its cure.” Bukhari 7.582